Technical assistance SAT

We guarantee our equipment is fully operational all year round, so the equipment shall under no circumstances be stopped

Customizing, offering, and fulfilling the after-sale service to Bianna means a long-term relationship with the clients based on respect and trust focusing on production and performance.

Our technical experts and “Customer Service” staff are ready to offer the most efficient and quickest response for any need of technical assistance by means of the following services:

  • Telephone assistance
  • Personal technical assistance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Personalized start-up
  • Up to the minute equipment supervision.
  • Bianna’s original parts.

How to react in case of failure?

In case of emergency, just get in contact with Bianna. We’ll take care of everything else.

Bianna has got a highly qualified team of experts throughout the country. Besides we count on a fleet of vehicles fully equipped with a great stock of original parts adapted to the equipment site in his intervention area.

Which benefits does the Technical Assistance Service provide?

  • Professional and friendly care.
  • Damages and causes report
  • Repair budget
  • Equipment condition information
  • Preventive and corrective assistance advice.

We are a pioneering company using the RTS as an element of control, supervision and maintenance of equipment remotely. It is a device weared by a technician as a part of his staff and composed by display glasses which allows to have an online support thanks to a back-office technician. This one will be able to guide the operator who is in front of the equipment to do his work more efficient, quicker and obviously more cost-effectively for the final client.

The RTS can be controlled by the final client, so he can use it whenever it is needed and the failure of the equipment can be repaired remotely without needing to be “in situ”, saving time and money.

¿Need help?

Our staff is available to assist you and answer your questions: