Biological treatments

Solutions focused on the recovery and/or stabilization of the biodegradable fraction from the urban waste

The biodegradable fraction remaining on the municipal waste indicates a high percentage of the domestic waste on many occasions. The biological processes (aerobic or anaerobic) are those allowing the recovery of the RSU higher organic fraction , obtaining a remarkable GEI reduction and allowing the waste production recovery.

Once separated in the mechanical pre-treatment through aerobic procedures (compost, stabilization, bio-drying) or anaerobic (anaerobic digestion) Bianna offers a wide range of possibilities for this biodegradable fractions treatment.

We offer our clients a wide range of options in order to reach the maximum profitability in their projects. These options include organic material stabilization, high production compost, and drying of the biological material or the biogas production through anaerobic digestion.


The biodegradable fraction compost which is selectively collected, the stabilization of the same fraction indiscriminately collected or the bio-drying when the destination of this fraction is the energetic recovery, are the usual treatment biological processes every urban waste treatment plant management must integrate to complete this waste treatment.

Compost / bio-drying tunnels and compost / bio-drying canvas system (Bianna CoverTech) are the alternative technologies Bianna offers our clients.


  • High quality compost
  • Bio-stabilized organic material.
  • Bio-dried organic material.
  • DA digestion compost.
  • CSR bio-drying from RSU
  • Biogas / electric power (DA)

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