Ballistic separator

Size, density and shape: the ballistic separator is an essential equipment in the treatment line, specifically designed to separate the input solid waste depending on these three features

Widely known for their reliability and efficiency, Bianna’s wide range of ballistic separators are used in RSU, EELL and CSR plants. There is the possibility to adjust different parameters in order to adapt automatically the type of material, from the fan speed to the equipment slope.

The equipment is especially designed to make cleaning and maintenance easier, and it is supplied with different devices which make the inside of the ballistic as ergonomic and comfortable as possible.


Screening area: 10 m2
Maximum capacity: to 70 m3/h
Power: 5,5 kW
Paddle number: 4
Funs number: 2
Weight: 6.550 kg.
Length: 7.750 mm
Width: 2.392 mm

Screening area: 14 m2
Maximum capacity: to 100 m3/h
Power: 5,5 kW
Paddle number: 6
Funs number:: 2
Weight: 8.950 Kg.
Length: 7.750 mm
Width: 3.246 mm

Screening area: 19 m2
Maximum capacity: hasta 130 m3/h
Power:: 2 x 5.5 kW
Paddle number: 8
Funs number: 3
Weight: 11.400 Kg.
Length: 7.750 mm
Width: 4.100 mm

Screening area: 24 m2
Maximum capacity: to 170 m3/h
Power:2 x 5,5 kW
Paddle number: 10
Funs number: 3
Weight:14.050 Kg.
Length: 7.750 mm
Width: 4.954 mm

Screening area: 29 m2
Maximum capacity: 200 m3/h
Power: 2 x 5,5 kW
Paddle number: 12
Funs number: 3
Weight:16.550 Kg.

The equipment includes a ramp with longitudinales perforate plates which make a ballistic type of movement generated by two crankshaft placed below them. The equipment slope and the plates rotary movement allows the input flow to be separated in three different fractions.

  • 3D: Rolling fraction, bottles, cans, light packaging, etc.
  • Fine fraction: sand, remaining of organic fraction, etc.
  • 2D: Flat fraction, paper, cardboard, etc.

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