Bottle piercer

Essential equipment to increase the bale pressing efficiency in waste treatment plants, no matter which selection and materials recovery is performed

Bianna’s bottle piercer is a very effective equipment, the aim of which is to drill light packaging, mostly PET packaging to increase the efficiency of the pressing bales, improving density and stability of these bales and the performance of the equipment thanks to a better compaction.

Easy installation and handling compact equipment, specifically designed to be adapted to different input material.


Axes no.: 2
Holder per axe: 8 units
Blades number per axe: 32
Total blades number. : 64

Inlet port: 440 x 440 mm.
Distance adjustment between axes : 440 x 440 mm.
Motors power: 2 x 1.5Kw.

Axes number.: 2
Holder per axe: 15 units
Blades number per axe: 60
Total blades number. : 120

Inlet port: 785 x 785 mm.
Distance adjustment between axes : 270 – 300 mm.
Motors power: 2 x 1.5 Kw.

  • Great drilling efficiency in light packaging.
  • Easy installation and maintenance compact equipment.
  • Good production-invest cost ratio.
  • Top brands standard components.
  • Adjustable axes distance to be adapted to the input flow.

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