WAYS2 is Bianna’s new framework of action. It arises from the merge of Bianna’s know-how, built over three decades of experience on mechanical pre-treatments, together with the latest thermic and physico-chemical waste treatment expertise.

Through this combination, at Bianna we approach waste as a valuous resource, managing to increase exponentially its economic value while minimizing its environmental footprint.

We start from waste as a raw material.

Waste is not the end, but the beginning of other processes.

We transform waste into products of great industrial interest through our WAYS2 framework, taking our customers to a new level of profitability and emission neutrality.

Minimum Emissions

It is not (only) about minimizing waste. The overarching objective is to obtain new raw materials and fuels from it, offering an alternative to fossil fuels or other limited resources. A crucial step to the decarbonization of key strategic sectors.

Maximum Recovery

In this pursue of decarbonization and the obtention of highly valuable materials and products

Each waste, has its treatment.

Which way do you want to take?

After analyzing the waste, the possibilites and the needs, we determine the best path. Accordingly we’ll put together the most suitable technologies to take you there.

WAYS2 Energy is a system that allows the treatment of waste for the production of energy from renewable sources.

Through the pioneering and disruptive integration of advanced waste treatments, WAYS2 Material completes the cycle of total waste recovery.

Thanks to this system, we recover chemicals chains present in plastics and use them in the production of fuels similar to those of a regular refining process.

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