Solid waste burner

We design, manufacture and install solids burners tailored to the needs of the market. Through specific training, we support the client throughout the commissioning for optimal implementation.

ThermoValue Solutions offers a range of burners for waste and industrial processes, easy to use and maintain and ensuring optimum performance with minimal energy consumption and low emissions. For this, a A team of combustion engineers accompanies the client during the installation and commissioning process of this new technology.

SWB burners are characterized by a modular monobloc structure. In other words, all the necessary components can be combined into a single unit, which ensures an easier, faster and, above all, more flexible installation.

The SWB series of burners covers a cooking range of 1500 to 5500 kW. Thanks to a mechanical regulation cam device, they are able to accurately supply the power demanded by the material or process, guaranteeing high efficiency and stability, obtaining fuel consumption and reducing operating costs.

The operation can be “progressive in two stages” or alternatively “modulating”, both for fuels (such as waste, wood, etc.) and for gas, with the installation of a PID logic controller.

The combustion head guarantees low polluting emissions (NOx <80 mg / kWh in gas operation). Its exclusive design guarantees low noise emissions, low electrical consumption, easy use and maintenance.

All of our process burners are supervised by combustion engineers trained to provide technical assistance throughout the project, from start to commissioning.


Length: 2.500 mm
Length with fans: 3.000 mm
Width: 1.200 mm
Height: 1.700 mm
Burning Capacity: 1,5 ton /hour
Electric Power: 14 kW

Length: 3.500 mm
Length with fans: 3.800 mm
Width: 1.500 mm
Height: 2.300 mm
Burning Capacity: 3,5 ton /hour
Electric Power: 22 kW

Length: 5.000 mm
Length with fans: 6.000 mm
Width: 2.000 mm
Height: 2.800 mm
Burning Capacity: 5,5 ton /hour
Electric Power: 26 kW

  • Air suction circuit lined with soundproofing material.
  • Air damper for air adjustment controlled by a high precision servo motor.
  • Low emission combustion head.
  • Maximum gas pressure switch, with pressure test point, to stop the burner in case of overpressure in the fuel supply line.
  • Infrared flame detector.
  • Burner on / off switch.
  • Contact motor and thermal relay with release button.
  • Engine failure led signal.
  • Burner failure led signal and illuminated release button.
  • Emergency button.
  • Burner opening hinge.
  • Solid / gas selector.
  • Flame inspection window.

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