Drum dryer

Designed to be versatile with a sturdy conception. DDR drying drums are an essential part of drying lines that allows to achieve bulk mixed materials and products in controlled humidity ranges.

Dryers are an ideal choice for efficiently drying bulk solids. They can be a complete process by itself or be part of a longer thermal process. In all circumstances, this robust construction machinery is the best choice for adapting to variations in raw material.

Bianna from its ThermoValue Solutions business line, offers a series of DDR drying drums with different diameters, lengths and thicknesses depending on the application to which the equipment will be subjected: parallel or counter current rotary dryer, kind of material and quantity of moisture to evaporate in the inflow.

The equipment, manufactured with a rotary drum and installed over a 2⁰ to 4⁰ inclined plane, receives the material from the upper starting part. The material moves in the lower zone due to rotational movement and gravity. During this process, the material receives heat from the drying gas flow. The dry material is discharged into another hopper at the end of the drum.

Our DDR drying drums incorporate the latest security systems and interior access specifically designed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.


Length: 12.000 mm
Width: 2.800 mm
Height: 2.420 mm
Weight: 17.500 kg
Drying Capacity: 1 tone H2O/hour
Drying area: 47 m2
Rotation speed: 1-3,5 r.p.m. (nominal 1,67 r.p.m.)
Diameter: 2.000 mm
Sieve length: 12.000 mm
Electric Power: 37 – 45 kW
Capacity: 5,5 tones/hour
Length: 18.000 mm
Width: 3.800 mm
Height: 3.420 mm
Weight: 37.500 kg
Drying Capacity: 3 tones H2O/hour
Drying area: 101 m2
Rotation speed: 1-3,5 r.p.m. (nominal 1,67 r.p.m.)
Diameter: 3.000 mm
Sieve length: 18.000 mm
Electric Power: 75 – 90 kW
Capacity: 11,4 tones/hour
Length: 24.000 mm
Width: 4.800 mm
Height: 4.720 mm
Weight: 97.500 kg
Drying Capacity: 6 tones H2O/hour
Drying area: 205 m2
Rotation speed: 1-3,5 r.p.m. (nominal 1,67 r.p.m.)
Diameter: 4.500 mm
Sieve length: 24.000 mm
Electric Power: 225 – 300 kW
Capacity: 20,0 tones/hour
  • Great thermal efficiency
  • Robustness and capacities
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Interchangeable flights (depending on feeding materials)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Possibility to incorporate others materials to dry just modifying small parts of design
  • CE Mark
  • Air exhaust treatment machinery in case that it is required
  • Safety system installed in every access inside the burner and drum
  • Remote control to check complete performance.

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