It is time to rewrite history of waste management and, above all, its future. Waste is more than a resource: it is a key raw material to achieve greater economic autonomy and decarbonize strategic sectors.

A multinational reference in engineering, design and manufacture of innovative and highly profitable equipment and solutions for waste management and treatment whose history dates back to 1990.

We are a leading global supplier worldwide, thanks to experience and extensive knowledge of all areas in waste management, including all key stages within the value chain: engineering, consulting and maintenance.

More than


Plants, equipment and services to transform a liability into an asset. Obtaining new ‘raw materials’ demanded by the market and industry from waste. And we do so with the most innovative and reliable processes and machines tested over three decades.

We know that profitability in the operation of a plant is the best guarantee of efficiency, success and durability. Goal: maximize of circular waste management, extracting its full potential, transforming this waste cycle in a sustainable and highly profitable economy for our customers.

We design, manufacture and assemble ‘turnkey’ all kinds of solutions and facilities for the most efficient treatment of a wide variety of waste: urban, construction, industrial, biomass, metals, etc.

Equipment, merged with deeply analyzed engineering, is the key to our plants. Our range includes drum screens (trommels), ballistic separators, aspiration systems, bag openers, conveyor belts, as well as mobile machinery.

At Bianna we are constantly working to offer a complete and comprehensive solution to our customers. We offer you qualified advice, attractive rental offers and the most complete range of after-sales services.

Have you ever wondered how you can increase exponentially
the economic value of the resources we extract?

We propose three ways:

Advanced Recycling Technologies

Plants, processes and machines designed to obtain the maximum value from waste.


A space to test and innovate to adjust processes and reach the best solutions.


Capability, knowledge and experience to act all over the world.


We design, manufacture and assemble ‘turnkey’ all kinds of solutions and installations.

High profitability

Practically half of the waste we generate is left out of the treatment and recovery processes, going to landfill. If we waste our waste, we waste our resources.

Low emissions

Waste treatment plants are key to moving towards a neutral emissions energy model. Two goals: be an engine for decarbonization and obtain highly valuable materials and products.

Large capacity

Highly equipped and supported by technical and commercial offices around the world, Bianna’s production centers are located in Spain, Brazil and Turkey and have a total area of more than 70.000 m².

Production capacity

Bianna has more than 70,000 m² of production capacity around the world dedicated to the development and manufacture of equipment, processes and technologies to efficiently manage and treat waste and turn it into valuable resources, with emblematic equipment such as the ballistic separator, trommel or biodrum, among others, which are manufactured under Bianna’s strict quality and safety standards.

On three continents (Asia, America and Europe), Bianna has established its own production centres equipped to the highest standards. All are technologically leading and strategically located to meet local needs and the specific challenges of each market.

Under the leadership of Bianna GEAR, the company’s division in charge of managing and running the centres worldwide, they focus on innovation and quality, always committed to the development of cutting-edge solutions for waste treatment and valorisation that pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

70.000 m²


There are no magic formulas to treat waste, neither is there a one-size-fits-all approach. It is a science and it must be tailored and accurate. We design, manufacture and install plants, processes and machines designed to extract the highest value each waste. We study each case and design the best solution around the world. Global guidelines, local solutions.


Bianna team includes more than 150 people in its different headquarters and joint ventures spread around the world. A human team that, together with the industrial capacity and experience accumulated over more than three decades, is one of the main assets of the company.

You need help?

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