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At Bianna Portugal we manufacture individual capital goods, build treatment plants and other turnkey projects and provide our clients with engineering, consulting and maintenance services that search for maximum profitability.

We develop our activity in Portugal, where we have undertaken dozens of actions. Our technical and commercial offices, located in Amadora (Lisbon – Portugal) allow us to move easily and study each project in situ, evaluating the most profitable solutions.

Our team has decades of experience in the sector and knows perfectly needs required for waste treatment according to its location, composition and volume. Also, on the legal framework and the commitments set out in the European agenda.

We search for maximum profitability in each of our actions, from the smallest to the most complex and we have the best specialized partners. We establish with our clients a relationship of trust and maximum demand.

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Extract the maximum value from waste, transform what until now had no use and provide new energy sources to sectors that have a great dependence with the minimum possible footprint.

We know that profitability in the operation of a plant is the best guarantee of efficiency, success and durability. Goal: maximize of circular waste management, extracting its full potential, transforming this waste cycle in a sustainable and highly profitable economy for our customers. We believe deeply on these facts and working hardener for a highly profitable circular economy for our customers and we put our team, machines, lines and processes at their service.

We design, manufacture and assemble ‘turnkey’ all kinds of solutions and facilities for the most efficient treatment of a wide variety of waste: urban, construction, industrial, biomass, metals, etc.

Plant Engineering

Equipment, merged with deeply analyzed engineering, is the key to our plants. Our range includes drum screens (trommels), ballistic separators, aspiration systems, bag openers, conveyor belts, as well as mobile machinery.

Key Machines

At Bianna we are constantly working to offer a complete and comprehensive solution to our customers. We offer you qualified advice, attractive rental offers and the most complete range of after-sales services.


Have you ever wondered how you can increase exponentially
the economic value of the resources we extract?

We propose three ways:


Our team

The human team is one of the main assets of the company. A staff that combines experience and dynamism and that is differentiated by a high level of technical knowledge and knowledge of the management needs of Portugal.

Productive capacity

Bianna Portugal has a production center: more than 14,000 square meters of industrial facilities with its own productive capacity and fast action throughout the Portuguese territory.

From the production center, work is carried out with raw materials, tasks such as drilling, cutting and bending of these that allow the subsequent pre-assembly of the pieces, in addition to the painting and final assembly processes of the company’s main equipment, such as ballistic separators, biodrums and trommels, among others.


We are very close to quickly and rigorously evaluate not only what you can do, but what you can get from your resource.

You need help?

Those responsible for each unit are available to assist you and solve your doubts:

Alameda dos Moínhos,
Av. Q.ta Grande 7E, 2610-117 Amadora
+351 913 747 217

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