Industrial waste

Tailor-made solutions for non-dangerous industrial waste recovery, separation of recyclable materials and production of waste derived fuels

Industrial waste is very heterogeneous and requires complex and specific facilities. They have a low density and mostly a great size, which significantly means a rigorous design of the treatment plants.

Thanks to the low humidity and a high calorific value, the non-recovery fraction of this waste turn out to be an optimal alternative fuel.

Bianna designs facilities for the non-dangerous solid industrial waste, with the aim of taking advantage of all the available resources in the waste, either by recovering recyclable materials or producing waste derived fuels.

Non-dangerous industrial waste usually have a great amount of high calorific value materials, what makes the waste derived fuel production on treatment plants very interesting as long as the client counts on a potential consumer who can recover the energy from this product.


Depending on the material to be processed and the sub-products they want to be recovered, the mechanical treatment process can include a variety of automation degrees. The waste derived fuel production usually takes part of this kind of facilities, supplementing the recyclable materials recovery with high commercial value.


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