Bianna provides different maintenance plans to be specifically adapted to every client’s need

Bianna establish a long-term relationship with the clients and offers an integral system of reliable and fast after-sales service, helping to maintain the equipment in optimal conditions, so processes can never stop.

Apply for a maintenance plan for your equipment or treatment plants is the best way to guarantee:

  • Equipment and staff security.
  • Greater equipment lifespan.
  • Equipment permanent availability.
  • High productivity and performance level.

Bianna offers several maintenance plans which can be particularly adapted to each equipment work or classification plants as well as to the number of working hours.

  • M1-Regular Preventive inspections
  • M2–Regular Preventive inspections
  • Quick Service – QS1 Basic (Preventive + Corrective)
  • Quick Service – QS1 Plus (Preventive + Corrective)
  • Quick Service – QS2 (Preventive + Corrective)

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