Bianna offers a wide range of assembly services, from planning, implementation and start-up to its finally “ turnkey” delivery

We clearly understand requirements and expectations. Bianna guarantees the most efficient service, from planning, implementation, start-up to turnkey delivery.

We guarantee our clients competitiveness and a high added value, focusing on our human resources ability and particular sensitivity in fulfilling security, hygiene and health requirements at work.

Our goal is to satisfy our everyday challenges and solve any problem that may arise. That’s why we stand for a systematic and continuous review of our projects and for cooperative and trusting relationships.

To guarantee the right performance of the treatment plant, we also give the possibility to post a monitoring and data acquisition system remotely. Thus, a closely monitoring of the waste treatment can be provided, ensuring a particular performance and having a numerial register of the material features for a future process evaluation in a chronological order.

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